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Brown Line
US-WA-Mt Vernon
Regular Full-Time
FLSA Status 

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General Description:  Able to handle a forklift, Yard Tractor, Semi-Tractor and Trailer(s) up to 53’. Shuttle multiple Trailers to and from the Dock in a safe manner.


Essential Duties:


  • Perform Daily Yard Tractor/Vehicle Inspection Report Form.
  • Shuttle Trailers between Trailer Yard and Dock as required.
  • Fuel Yard Tractor and Trailers as required
  • Drop and hook trailer(s) and change the configuration of equipment as necessary
  • Secure doors of loaded Trailers
  • Lift and move freight as necessary to assist Dock Operations
  • Provide Communication via 2-way Radio




Knowledge/Degree/License Requirements:

  • High school degree, diploma or a GED
  • Equivalent certificate from a certified institution

Experience Requirements:

  • Hostler/Warehouse Experience.                                           

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to stand, sit, walk and maintain balance for extensive periods of time
  • Ability to frequently lift up to 100#, carry objects up to 50 feet and apply tire chains
  • Ability to climb ladders on the tractor and/or trailer(s) and frequently enter and exit vehicles
  • Ability to perform repetitive task; stretch, turn, twist, and reach overhead; bend, crouch, squat, kneel and stoop for extensive periods of time

Hearing, speaking, seeing:

  • For safety reasons, workers must be able to hear, speak and see. English is required for Drivers License.

Working Conditions: 

  • Night time hours. Hot/Cold outside weather, cold trailers, slippery floors. Sometimes very slippery and cold conditions depending on the weather.

Machines, Equipment, and Tools Used:

  • Yard Tractor and Forklift.